Hi! I'm Maya.

The idea of AYAM came to me because matching sets have always been my favourite piece of clothing to buy: functional, easy, so effortlessly cool - and the ideal solution to look stylishly put together with very minimal effort.

Yet, I felt that stylish sets for any occasion were hard to find, never really knowing which brand or retailer to go for. And when I did find some that I liked, different styles of sets were often all mixed-up together, and most of the time the top or the bottom was lost somewhere a thousand products later. I felt like there had to be a better way to do it: faster, cooler, easier, better.

Simultaneously I noticed that my name backwards sounded pretty cool. (Business name: check ✔️)

That's when I came up with the idea of curating the sets by occasion: AYAM Cozy, AYAM Sporty, AYAM on Holiday... and so on. At that point I got very excited, not gonna lie. Because the possibilities are so endless!

I decided to make it a multi-brand website to bring together all different kinds of sets, that I felt were perfeclty in line with our mission and identity. We purposely sell both pieces of each set together, because we believe that's what our customers are here for! & Also, time is money.

I hope you enjoy our concept because it was all made with lots of love & passion (and tears, laughs, breakdowns, doubts...) Anyways, If you're still here reading this, here's a little surprise for you: use code AYAMLUCKY for 10% off your first order!

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